Windows Buying Guide Overview

Many people get stressed at the thought of replacing their current window design. We can easily understand their concerns as it’s vitally important that you get the perfect equivalent window as once they’re installed there’s no going back.

But at Wombourne Windows we would never allow a customer to make the wrong choices as we’re highly experienced when it comes to sourcing a design that outshines its predecessor in every way. Tell us what you want and we’ll provide the answer.


After testing out all our window designs you may find that you have a preference for a window that functions in a certain way as not all windows open and close in the same manner.

For example, Tilt & Turn windows are great for those who want to take the strain out of cleaning their windows as they give you the option of doing it from the inside of your house.

We also have offerings that slide vertically and open from the side or top.


Solar Gain

Our energy efficient windows are manufactured using the latest technology in glass and spacer units.
This allows heat generated from your home to be reflected back into the room but also trap free heat from the sun through solar gain, thus maximising the thermal performance of our windows.

WER’S and U values

Broadly there are two routes for compliance to energy rated windows:
• Window Energy Rating (WER), minimum ‘C rated’ or
• Whole window U value of 1.6 w/m2k or less
WER’s are mostly used for domestic home improvement installations and is a method of demonstrating the overall energy performance of a window. Since October 2010, a minimum of C rated is required for all new window installations.
U values are mostly for new build installations. They are a more specific, simple measure of the overall energy performance of a window. A minimum of 1.6 U value is required for all new window installations.


PolyVinyl Chloride Unplasticised is the material used in the manufacture of windows, doors and conservatories. A mix of Ethylene (derived from oil), Chlorine (derived from salt), stabilisers, lubricants and pigments, it is low maintenance, colourfast, impact resistant material that is perfect for recycling and can be re-chipped, recycled and re-used with no detrimental effect.

Energy Saving Recommended

All our products meet strict criteria on energy efficiency set out within the Energy Saving Trust Scheme. This means all our windows carry the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo.


Using energy for heating (or cooling) dramatically impacts the environment. Generating energy typically produces greenhouse gases such as CO2. The more energy we use, the more emissions we create.

By making buildings more energy efficient with windows, we can reduce energy use and prevent energy waste. In the UK alone, fitting better windows could reduce emissions by almost 5 million tonnes.

Science suggests man-made emissions play a major role on global warming and, in turn, influence climate change. Home energy use alone accounts for 27% of UK carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions which contribute to climate change.

Glazing Designs

Choosing your glass design for your Windows

You may be perfectly happy with clear glass for the side frame windows and top openers of your new  Windows. But if you want to add that final, personal finishing touch, an exclusive range of double glazed units are available in beautiful bevelled, coloured and leaded glass designs.

Bevelled glass in top lights gives the ultimate in stylish good looks and an incredible appearance of depth.

Coloured glass in a variety of appealing shades is subtly added to the border or positioned in the centre of the unit. The main windows can feature assorted traditional, diamond or Georgian leaded patterns across the whole of the glass area or simply the edges to create stunning visual effects.

Colour Finishes

Together with our authentic colour finishes, our great range of colours will fully complement and truly enhance your Windows.

Wombourne Windows offer a great range of colour options including whitegrain and classic cream, green, through to grey, light oak and black, creating the ultimate style statement for your  Windows.


Invest in any products from Wombourne Windows, and you are investing in peace of mind for years to come.

That’s because we have been successfully designing, manufacturing and installing windows, doors, conservatories and roofline products for tens of thousands of customers for more than 30 years.

Because of the confidence we have in the superior quality of our materials, and our craftsmanship, we guarantee all our products for 20 years.

Wombourne Windows products are designed to last, and our excellent customer service means we go on looking after you long after installation.

We are fully compliant with relevant industry bodies including the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme, better known as FENSA.

Full written terms and conditions are available on request.

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