7 reasons why bi-fold doors are better than French doors for your home

So you need some doors do you but you don’t know whether to opt for bi-fold or French doors? We’re here to help you. In today’s post, let’s look at 5 reasons why bi-fold doors are better than French doors. We will add here that French doors do have their place are an excellent option, [...]

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Why buy a composite door for your home?

Composite doors are the modern alternative and are highly resistant to seasonal and weather changes.  They’ve transformed doors and although can be a little more costly, in the long run they’ll save the owner more money.  In this post we explore why buy a composite door for your home. What is a composite door? A [...]

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8 Home Design ideas for 2015

A new year means new ideas – in this post we look at 8 home designs ideas for 2015. Let us give you some inspiration to make your house a wonderful place to spend time entertaining and relaxing in. Home Design Idea: Mixing old with new Marrying old with new is a sure way to [...]

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Front door ideas this winter

A front door says a lot about you, but it also keeps your home secure and warm in the winter months but what front door should you choose? At Wombourne Windows we do a range of them,  so let us help you choose with our expert guide on front doors. […]

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