Window design has become an essential element of style

Windows are a big part of interiors and exteriors – yes they’re designed keep people out and homeowners warm but nowadays window design has become an important element of how stylish a home looks. Windows are not just windows – they come in all shapes, sizes and colours.  They add space, light, depth and atmosphere into your home and make your home a comfortable living space. In this post, we’re going to provide you with some window design inspiration for 2016 in a hope to help you with your own window design at home!


Window Design Inspiration: Steel Windows

Steel windows are for homeowners who are looking for a modern edge to their home. They come in a range of designs:

Although they’re not a traditional type of window and can cost a little bit more than your average PVC windows, steel windows provide many benefits include; strength, easy to clean. Fire and weather proof resistant which I’m sure you’ll agree is what you need in a window!

Steel windows are classed as a modern architectural addition to your home and so would not suit traditional looking properties.


Window Design Inspiration: Picture Windows 

Again picture windows are a modern approach. These types of windows are usually designed around a fantastic view, think: a lush garden or panoramic views. They’re called picture windows because they frame something worth admiring.

Picture windows combine nicely with a window seat – think of a lazy day with a cup of something hot and a nice book.

Picture window’s don’t usually open up therefore one of their big advantages are they’re energy efficient!


Window Design Inspiration: Round Windows

Round  or ‘porthole’ windows are usually found in the likes of bathrooms and lofts, somewhere you want privacy but also a good view.  They’re not designed to give you massive amounts of light hence why they’re not a popular option in frequently used spaces such as living or kitchen rooms.

They are commonly found on boats and so they’re fantastic for nautical interiors and provide the same security and energy benefits of any rectangle or square window.

These have been our window design inspirations for 2016 – with so many styles and designs to choose from, we hope we’ve narrowed them down a little bit!