Is it too early to mention the C word? It probably is but we’re so excited about decorating our double glazed windows at home and in the office, that we thought we’d put together a post on the best window decorations for Christmas to hopefully inspire you.

1. Fake Snow

Nothing says Christmas like snow but we’re not always blessed with it over here in Britain so fake snow is the next best thing. Use it to decorate your window sills and give it frosty edging.

2. Christmas balls

Christmas balls are not only for the Christmas tree, use them with a bit of ribbon to hang up above your windows so they decorate your window.

3. Fairy lights

Lights look wonderful in the winter months so why not gather some fairy lights that have been collecting dust in your life and surround them around the window and on the ledge.

4. Christmas Reefs

Nothing says Christmas like holly reefs – usually hung on doors but they make a great window Christmas decorations. Use a number of them around the home to keep a consistent theme.

5. Window stencils

Why not get the children involved in this creative project. Window stencils are very popular for families.


Top Tips for Decorating your Windows

a) Pick a theme

Every home’s interior has a theme so when you decorate your windows ensure that it compliments this theme.  Therefore there’s no risk of a ‘gory’ effect unless that is your theme!

b) Don’t go OTT

It’s always easy to go over the top when filling your house full of Christmas decorations but too many can look messy. Therefore decorate sparingly. Perhaps you’re most used room and decorate its window rather than the whole house.

c) Create them yourself

You don’t always have to go out and buy expensive christmas window decorations. You only have to search on Pinterest for DIY projects and you’ll be amazed at how many you and the family can do yourselves.