Up until two years ago, the double glazing industry had nearly done some irreparable damage for itself.  With the likes of bogus tradesmen, poor quality products, pushy salesman and a complicated process. It left many unsatisfied customers who put a global warning out to other people thinking about getting their double glazed windows and doors done, which instantly either put people off or made far more wary than usual.  However in the past two years, the industry has seen more positive change than in the past 20 years. 

So what’s changed?

Sadly you’ll always get the minority that will try to ruin it for the majority but over such a short period of time, shining examples in the double glazing industry have been speaking out about how things to need to improve.  But how do  you improve a misconstrued perception? Well a recent report suggests that more money is being invested in good quality products. more time is being invested in the customer experience and the process is more streamlined, with importance placed on attention to detail.

Let’s look at the positive effects it’s having on the double glazing industry:

PVC Popularity is increasing

Back in 2010, the public lashed out on the double glazing companies saying that they’d be subjected to false claims and bad products.  It became such a shock to the industry, it forced them into reevaluating their selling tactics and the quality of products. As a result, it improved the PVC popularity and there’s an even bigger growing trend for the likes of custom colouring and flush sash windows.

Installer and builder are blurring

It’s been found that the role of an installer and builder are beginner to merge whereas once they both did separate things. Now the demands is calling out for a jack of all trades and a master of all. The ‘builder installers’ will be able to offer a whole host of home improvements.

There’s going to be more emphasis on conservatory replacements

It has been a slow start but we think that’s because the public are still a little wary of replacing conservatory doors, windows and frames especially if they’ve been burnt in the past with bad tradesman. But it’s looking positive and stats show it’s on the rise and it will spiral upwards in the coming years.

The Aluminum Market is Growing Fast

Many industry experts are now educating their customers properly on the benefits of Aluminium products as an alternative to uPVC. It seems that suppliers are realising that their knowledge will set them apart from mediocre suppliers.

Our last thoughts are… The public will and always will create the need for supply and it’s important that we’re constantly listening to the customer’s needs.  Double glazing companies that get complacent will get left behind but it’s vital they are aware that their standards affect us all.  We’d still offer the same advice to those who are considering double glazing and that’s to research your supplier by asking around for recommendations off people you know.