In today’s blog we’ve put together a few luxury interior ideas for you to gain some inspiration off.

With the seasons changing and the colder weather creeping in, it’s nice if your home compensates and is a warm and comfortable place for you to hide away during the harsh months.

  1. Luxury Interior Ideas : Candles


One of the biggest issues for many houses is keeping it warm.  Candles are a fantastic way to generate heat and light and are energy savers.


We really love silver candle stands and they’re ideal for putting on the dinner table for a relaxed dinner.


Church candles are really useful because they don’t drip and are safer to put around bathing areas for a cosy soak in the tub.

Variations of the tradition candle such as scented and coloured are great in the rooms that are used often such as living spaces.  Coloured in particular bring variation to your interiors and can be changed with no hassle and scented because the heat intensifies the smell making your home fragrant for longer.

Ref :  http://www.polyvore.com/two_arm_crystal_candelabra_luxury/thing?id=25470316


  1. Luxury Interior Idea : Faux Fur

Faux fur is not a throw back from the 70’s it’s actually a very well used material for all types of interior items nowadays.

It’s a perfect way to add some textures and most importantly warmth to your indoors. It’s most commonly used in living spaces as cushions, throws and rugs.

Add a faux fur throw to the back of your sofa or fold away and keep in storage close by for easy access.


Ref: http://www.fauxthrow.com/faux-fur-fabric/burgundy-mink-faux-fur-per-meter.htm

  1. Luxury interior ideas: Window Dressing

Windows are one of the main funnels that heat escapes from and so it’s always best to have double or even triple glazed windows.

Not only do they save you money in energy, it means that excess money can be spent on making your house even more luxury.

Choose a heavy material for your curtains as this will ensure your home’s heat will stay in for longer.


Ref: http://www.lauraashley.com/uk/ready-made-curtains/millwood-eyelet-ready-made-curtains/invt/millwoodermc